The Vegan hCG Diet

Lose weight - feel better

The Vegan hCG Diet is based on the hCG regimen, also called the world's best diet - and rightly so!

If you've tried dieting before but still struggle with weight issues, this is the right diet for you. We know other diets have promised you this before.  This time it is actually true. The combination of the homeopathic hCG remedy and consuming 500 calories per day is the key to your metabolism accessing locked-in fat.

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JPEG Picture cards: 36 homeopathic remedies

Easily stored on your phone

Get 36 picture files (JPEG) with short descriptions of 36 homeopathic remedies. The pictures come in the best format for your smart phone.

Have easy access to the most important information about the 36 homeopathic remedies, that are mostly prescribed at home. The remedies are the same as the remedies in the Basic 36 kit from Helios, and is a very useful companion to this and many other homeopathic kits.

With the images on your phone, it becomes so easy to share your homeopathic recommendations with your friends in a message.

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NEW EDITION: Homeopathic Flashcards (1 set)

Get your personal copy

36 business card sized cards containing both beautiful illustrations and precise descriptions of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies. These cards are custom-designed and make it fun to learn about homeopathy. They are already loved and utilized by busy moms, world travellers, and even practising homeopaths. The cards make it enjoyable to discover, talk about, and learn all about homeopathy!

CAD 29.00

Organic BELLADONNA, CHAMOMILLA, PULSATILLA baby onesie + 5 remedy kit

Be one of the first in the world to bring this onesie as a gift to a to a new mum. 

This is the gift that keeps giving to mother and baby. 

It is beautiful, educational and of course practical.
There is no doubt this is going to be a favourite piece of clothing for baby.

CAD 64.00

FREE online course: Which 5 homeopathic remedies would I take to a deserted island?

Learn when and how to use them

Get homeopath Mette Mitchell's best advice about homeopathy to home prescribers for FREE

Tune in on Friday the 27th of November (check your local time in your inbox - check spam), and get the homeopathic gold nuggets that have the potential to change your life forever. If you can't be there a this time, don't worry. You will get a link sent after for the recording.

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