Root Cause Dieting: Homeopathic self care and weight loss - 16 weeks

The ultimate investment in you!

What needs to be healed for the diets not to fail?

Extra weight is not your problem, the extra weight is a symptom. It is a sign that something deeper needs to be healed.

In homeopathy we are used to look at the expressions of the body like it is the dashboard in the car: It is signalling a warning about something going on deeper in the system. When I as a homeopath see the extra weight on a person I understand that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface and that the weight didn't just happen for no reason.

Listen to this podcast about the unique homeopathic perspective on weight gain and weight loss

I understand that there are many emotions related to the extra weight including stress, abuse, abandonment, gaslighting, suppressed emotions, grief, fear, low self esteem, shame, history and everything in between.聽

As a homeopath I also understand that many medications and medical procedures can lead to weight gain and I will if necessary take you through a homeopathic detox in combination with everything else.

That these issues are not being addressed is probably the exact reason why most diets fail.

In homeopathy we can look after every aspect of a person and every aspect of health. We look at the physical mechanisms and we spend an equal amount of time dwelling at the mental and emotional issues behind weight gain and the body's resistance to let it go again.

I offer you both radical and gentle weight loss programs based around fasting and homeopathy. I will give you remedies* to deal with your cravings - and most importantly we can directly treat and heal the original wound that put you on the path of wrapping your self in the extra protective layer in the first place.

In homeopathy we are so used to people coming to us with the words: "I tried everything". Homeopathy is rarely the first modality that comes to mind when looking for healing. It is the same with weight loss. It is not common knowledge that homeopathic consultations is very likely the only healing modality, that will be able to heal you deep enough to reach the underlaying trauma behind the self sabotage that is preventing you from shedding the weight that keeps getting in the way for you to live your best life**.

This is so much more than a proven system that melts the fat of your body fast. This is the ultimate combination of frequent one-to-one consultations, abundant online material and a growing online community.

In the first 2 month of this 4 month commitment we see each other every week. The first time we meet for 75 minutes and the next 7 times we meet between 20-45 minutes - whatever you need! The last 2 months of the 4 months commitment we see each other biweekly and you will alway be able to reach me for quick calls as needed.

In this program we start by taking a step back and take a close look at your history through the thorough homeopathic consultation and we immediately start prescribing to the out-of-control feeling that makes you grab for the food that is not aligned with your goals.

In the first consultation we also address your digestive system, sleep patterns, the most important glands related to weight and the triggers that has a history of slipping you up. This is the key for this program: that we get the deeper issues addressed before we embark on your weight loss journey.聽I want you to feel calmed down on a deeper level with homeopathy and have some solid tools at your fingertips to use when it gets tough.

The 4 months we spend together can be used in the best way for you. It can look like this:

  • You are ready to start a diet RIGHT NOW and would like someone to get you through it with supporting homeopathic remedies while we also work through your deeper relationship with food. PLUS we have time to get your out on the other side of the diet and get you on the right track for a normalised and balanced relationship with food
  • You know you are an emotional eater and you would like to get this addressed with homeopathy and at the same time get prepared to go on a diet and be supported through the diet and be brought to a point where you feel confident sticking to a balanced and healthy diet after the weight loss has begun
  • You have a food addiction and would like this to be addressed with homeopathy so you can stop over eating and get your mind prepared for a balanced and sustainable diet that will continuously help you lose weight
  • You have already finished a diet and would like to be supported to stay on the path you have started and get supported by homeopathic remedies and all the other advice offered in the consultations and online materials

The diets we use in combination with the consultations in this system are:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Homeopathic hCG

You have tried dieting, not dieting, therapy, accepting your body, shaming your self, working out, blaming your self, blaming others - you name it. But deep down you know that you plain and simply have a self sabotaging relationship with food and exercise. And even with all the good intentions, self help books, podcasts and systems behind you already, you still haven't managed to hack it. This is your way out! For good. This is not a quick fix. This is not a system you have to follow alone. This is real support and a real understanding for your deeper issues that sets up up for life.

Would you like a clarifying chat before your get started? Then book yourself in HERE for a chat.

I am looking forward to follow you on this journey.


*homeopathic remedies are invoiced separately
**offering this progressive weight loss program does not mean I look down on anyone who has a high BMI and feels happy about everything they can do with their body.

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