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Book yourself in for a thorough clarifying chat about 'Homeopathic self care and weight loss - 16 weeks' with homeopath Mette Mitchell BSc (hons), LCHE

Extra weight is not your problem, the extra weight is a symptom. It is a sign that something deeper needs to be healed.

In homeopathy we are so used to people coming to us with the words: "I tried everything". Homeopathy is rarely the first modality that comes to mind when looking for healing. It is the same with weight loss. It is not common knowledge that homeopathic consultations is very likely the only healing modality, that will be able to heal you deep enough to reach the underlaying trauma behind the self sabotage that is preventing you from shedding the weight that keeps getting in the way for you to live your best life.

Join me for this meeting and ask me all your questions about everything related to weight loss.