Homeopathy training for midwives, doulas and other professional birth helpers

This is the most comprehensive online course about homeopathy for midwives, doulas and other professional birth helpers.

On this course you learn the following:

  • An introduction to homeopathy
  • Tissue salts for pregnancy
  • Materia Medica lessons for 32 homeopathic remedies
  • Prepare birth with homeopathy
  • 'Induce' birth with homeopathy
  • Remedies applied for the first stage of birth
  • Remedies applied for transition
  • Remedies applied for the second stage of birth
  • Remedies applied for the third stage of birth
  • Remedies applied for C-section
  • Remedies for for complications (bleeding, episiotomy, forceps)
  • Remedies for recovery after the birth for mother and baby
  • Help breastfeeding with homeopathy
  • Herbal supplements for the midwifery bag

BONUS material:

  • The full tissue salt guide
  • Homeopathic first aid
  • Podcast about potensies
  • 2 extra homeopathic remedies

The course is split into 8 module and 55 lessons. You get 6 hours of recorded powerpoint presentations and audio files distributed over 50 individual recordings. You also get 12.000 words of notes over 18 downloadable pdf files.

The notes are very hands on, leadning you straight through the birth process with homeopathy and you have well explained notes and an abundance of recorded presentations about everything loaded with personal experience from the homeopathic practice.

The material is easy to implement into your practice as soon as you have the remedies at hand there is also plenty of material to develop your practice through for the time to come.

This is for anyone who is serious about implementing homeopathy into their midwife, doula and other practices with a focus on pregnancy, birth and aftercare.