Homeopath Mette Mitchell, BSc (hons), LCHE, RAHom


I am a licensed homeopath from Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in London, and have a bachelor of science from Middlesex University in homeopathy since 2015.

I am a trained classical homeopath, but I have also enjoyed an education that gives thorough training in other methods of homeopathy, in particular Eizayaga layers method, acute prescribing and organ support/ detoxification. I choose the method that is most fitting for each individual case.

I have a particular interest in getting homeopathy out into the families as a supplement to allopathic medicines, and I facilitate many courses in how and when to use homeopathy at home.

Mette's courses

My courses range from a 2 hour introductory course on how to get started with a homeopathic kit at home, to a thorough 8 module course on the same topic. I also talk about homeopathy together with vaccination, homeopathy instead of vaccination, homeopathy for child birth and so much more.

I also educates other health practitioners in how to supplement their practice with homeopathy Narayani remedies, an Indian system of homeopathic mix remedies. And I train doulas and midwives in the use of homeopathy in pregnancy and childbirth. And I have so thrilled to play a small part in the establishment of CHE as an online course.


Talks about homeopathy and vaccination for parents as well as the general public.


Courses about homeopathy and vaccination online, as well as online courses developed for other online course providers.


I always use my own materials in my courses.

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Long interest in alternative medicine

I had a strong interest in alternative medicine since the late 1990’s, where I spent a lot of time in Italy together with friends who worked in the field of cranio sacral therapy and osteopathy. Together with this group she experienced regression therapy, channellings and hands on treatments, and took part in a community where symbolism and out of body experiences were freely discussed. It was also here I was first introduced to homeopathy. 

During this time I started facing her own demons, and got a crystal clear understanding that body and mind are not separate. Our mental/ emotional health is directly connected to our physical health and vice versa.

Personal motivation

However it wasn’t until my daughter got seriously ill with meningitis twice in 4 months in 2007, that my interest in vaccination and homeopathy became focused.

After many weeks of hospitalisation and heavy medication, I felt a deep need to get my daughter detoxed from the medication already given, as well as finding alternatives to medication looking forward, when appropriate.

Since my daughters birth I used an osteopath and it was on his advice that I took her to a homeopath for a detox, and she started treatment. It was only a few months later that my homeopath handed me an invitation to a 2-hour introduction to homeopathy and how to use homeopathy at home. A course very similar to the introduction courses i teach today. And it was my direct experience with the kit and the effect of the remedies that finally prompted me to do the 4 years of training at the Centre for Homeopathic Education.