Homeopath Mette Mitchell, BSc (hons), LCHE


I am a licensed homeopath from Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in London, and have a bachelor of science from Middlesex University in homeopathy since 2015.

I am a trained classical homeopath, but I have also enjoyed an education that gives thorough training in other methods of homeopathy, in particular Eizayaga layers method, acute prescribing and organ support/ detoxification. I choose the method that is most fitting for each individual case.

I have a particular interest in getting homeopathy out into the families as a supplement to allopathic medicines, and I facilitate many courses in how and when to use homeopathy at home.


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    Mette simply has such great human insight and empathy. She listens sincerely, sees the whole person and then she has an insane expertise in her field! She reads me like an open book, and she has helped my barely 1-year old son from painful eczema on most of the body to a largely eczema free life to my son's great joy! I trust Mette 150% - her profession and expertise is SO important in a world where our health system is all about taking care of illness and not health and wellness. Mette knows his stuff and Mette's profession is the way forward!

    Sales Advisor

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    Mette is a woman who knows how to explain the importance of Homeopathy. With her courses she has already contributed to the well-being of many families. She shows you how to clear common symptoms with natural remedies. And it doesn’t cos much to get a kit with 36 homeopathic medicines. It is a tool to get the "wise woman" back into the home. Everything is explained in detail by Mette and with lots of presence and support. It also provides a fine online network of enthusiastic people, like yourself. Highly recommended.

    Free thinker

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    Mette has opened up for everything I needed to know to be able to use homeopathy and to stand by our way of life: living a healthy, loving and organic life, always as natural as possible.


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    Mette helped my 2-year-old daughter with her middle ear infections and fluid in her ears. In just one month, her ears were in super shape. A committed and skilled therapist who gets my warmest recommendations! Her courses are also really good!!

    Force of Nature

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    Mette is passionate about homeopathy, is enormously dynamic and knowledgeable, always attentive and empathetic and extremely practical in her approach to understanding and treating her fellow human beings.


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    Mette is the most amazing homeopath I know. She has saved me and the whole family from big and small things many times. Her courses informs me to deal with lots of symptoms at home myself in everyday life.


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    Mette has been a volunteer for the charity since 2008 and has been involved in a number of activities including giving Awareness Talks and manning Awareness. She has also been a passionate and articulate media representative for the charity during our National Awareness Week in September where she has talked on numerous occassions about her family’s experience of the disease and the impotance of being aware of the signs and symptoms to local papers, radio and television news channels. In 2011 she spoke movingly to a group of supporters and politicians about meningitis and Miko’s survival at the House of Parliament to support ’Meningitis Matters’. This day involved members lobbying their local MP’s to ensure that meningitis and septicaemia remain a top public health priority in the light of forthcoming NHS reforms. Mette is a valued volunteer for the charity with her strong communication and organisational skills and it will be a huge loss for the Communication Team in particlar when she relocates later this year”.

    CEO, Meningitis Research Foundation

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    Both my kids and I have received very competent treatments from Mette. I have also taken her useful and inspiring courses, which is extremely useful in my daily life. I can only give Mette my very best recommendations. Super homeopath and a nice person !!

    Nature planner for Copenhagen City

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    Both my children and I are happy to consult Mette in her cozy practice. We appreciate her many treatments for a great variety of small and big things - without side effects! She gets a clear recommendation from me – I warmly recommend Mette’s online courses too.

    Mother and reflexologist

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    Mette is an amazing homeopath. We used to see her back in London. Always kind and helpful. We do miss you Mette! xx

    Photografer and dear friend

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    Lively, exciting courses. I really like her dynamic way of teaching.


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    After 10 years of chronic hives and a history of seeing various doctors, Mette helped me get rid of the hives and the medication I took daily. It sounds a bit hocus pocus, and I was a little skeptical to begin with but I was also desperate for help and open to anything.
    Mette is present and really competent! I warmly recommend a consultation with her.

    Fertility doula

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    Mette is a skilful homeopath and a really nice person

    Mindfulness instructor

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    Incredible knowledge and competence, which I recommend with confidence! Five stars and a little more

    Human Resources

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    An amazing eye opener.
    A new world opened up to me. I recommend this to everyone around me.

    Social pedagogue

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    Mette is the coolest and warm-hearted soul. I went to her “mini course in homeopathy" with her well over two years ago and I can say that "I ain't never going back to" chemistry filled medicine prescriptions again!
    Thank you sweet Mette

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    camilla bjørn

    Skilled Mette has helped my little son with his chronic eczema.
    Thank you, Mette

    Home schooler

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    Mette is an amazingly skilled homeopath and I have been very happy to have attended her courses.

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    Mette is very intelligent and really competent in homeopathy.
    She has helped me and my family several times.
    She is invaluable.

    Owner and Founder at New Onboard

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    A wise woman with an important message


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    Mette is a fantastic homeopath! She can help with both acute illness and chronic symptoms and I would recommend her clinic at any time.


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    Mette is amazing. She has been indispensable for us in terms of homeoprophylaxis, deworming and eczema treatment. She is always empathetic and wonderful to talk to.

    Feminine embodiment Womb wisdom Yoga, Healing & Plant medicine

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    I have been on several of Mette Mitchell’s courses, and I have also had several consultations with her.
    My experiences have been really good, inspiring, and evolving. Homeopathy has opened many new doors for me, it has given me answers to things that the medical world has never managed, and it has taught me to treat myself and my loved ones in many different situations.
    Mette Mitchell is an incredibly talented therapist, she is thorough in her work and she has clearly become one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

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    I have had several consultations with Mette. She has helped me a lot with my challenges and I am deeply grateful. Mette is not just an alternative therapist - she also has an in-depth scientific knowledge of things, combined with her wonderful persona, it makes her incredibly professional. I can highly recommend Mette.

    Cranio Sacral Therapist

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    Mette is amazingly competent and an incredibly pleasant person who thoroughly explains about the remedies she recommends you.
    I have also been on “mini course in homeopathy” with her and also here she delivers a professional service that lives up to my expectations

    Web communicator

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    Great consultation over the phone. Mette is competent and knows what she's talking about. I highly recommend her.

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    mette brockmann

    Fantastic homeopath and woman. Would definitely recommend her to anyone I know. Rarely have I met anyone so competent in the healthcare field - she is really worth a visit

    Business Owner

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    Mette is a well-educated, conscientious, undogmatic and a highly competent homeopath with a modern approach to the subject. As a person, she is helpful, enthusiastic, cheerful and with wonderful pedagogical abilities.

    Owner at Rosemaimonide.com

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    We have received fantastic treatment from Mette, who we consulted with for 6 months when my son of 3 had stomach problems. The stomach problems are now over after the homeopathy treatment and Tobias is a now happy boy. I will use Mette again at any time if there are other problems.

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    You are a fantastic human being - so wonderful we have you


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    Mette is unique in her consultation. She is passionate about homeopathy, her clinic is a beautiful universe and the authenticity shines out of her. She is gold dust to our family.
    I have also attended two of her courses and you get really valuable knowledge to take home.
    I am grateful to know you, Mette

    Analyst and programmer

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    You are being meet with warmth, closeness, authenticity, love and joy when you meet Mette Mitchell


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    My success story. After five years of chronic hand eczema, I have a whole new life due to you Mette and her fantastic knowledge. It has been a rough ride, but how am I deeply grateful for discovering homeopathy.

    Coaching, Workshops and Public Speaker

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    Absolutely the top of the crop in Denmark. Mette is super professional, warm, empathetic, interested and always ready to help. We can in no way do without Mette in our family.


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    john petter

    The space Mette designed for 100% Design for the Embassy’s exhibition is 2004 was truly unique and special for all of us. She immediately understood our intentions with the exhibition and interpreted these into an open space layout that allowed every object maximum exposure and pleased all the exhibiting designers.
    Mette’s passion for design and interiors is real and she will leave no detail unattended. Altogether it was a great experience to work with her and I am happy to recommend her.

    Minister Counsellor, Royal Norwegian Embassy, London

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    anne lise

    Mette is a loyal Kjaer Global customer. Her trend literacy is very well displayed in her translation of conceptual ideas into products and ‘easy to use’ design manuals. She utilises our trend material to its full extend and the links to her end products are very transparent.
    Her feedback over the years has been invaluable and we just love the way she translates trends. Mette’s positive energy field is contagious. Not only is she an amazing ideator, but she is also a creator and a practitioner. She simply makes things happen. It is a real privilege to work with such a consummate professional like her.

    Director, Kjaer Global (International trend forecasting agency)

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    Bharati Manchanda

    I have collaborated with Mette on one of her consulting and rebranding projects. I have found Mette to be highly professional and approachable. With a wealth of original ideas and the drive to turn them into reality. She is dedicated to each project she undertakes with a smart eye for detail and knowledge of current/future trends.
    It’s been a true pleasure working with Mette, and I hope we will continue to work creatively together in the future.

    Creative Director, Embellished Truth

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    WOW - is the first word that comes to my mind! Generally I’m a conservative person holding the cards tight, but Mette, she is one of a kind - her sense of good humor makes her go on and it makes the team go on - we have worked nights to reach dead-lines. And she brought inspiration as well as aspiration to reach the objective at hand…Mette is totally dedicated and she insists on getting to the defined objective not to mention achieving quality in her work. She is passionate and focused. I welcome anyone to contact me to verify and at the same time wish everyone else the best of joy working with Mette - it will bring you forward !

    Director, Fronterra Furniture Co Ltd, Germany

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    Mette was employed by BoConcept from 2000-2003 and we have since used Mette for freelance projects. Mette was with us in the beginning of our concept and was a part of the team that professionalised the style expression of our stores. Mette has a unique eye for new trends and is 100% updated about style. It was only natural that she also had the full responsibility for the communication of our visuals and training of stylists worldwide where she through her passionate way inspired our employees from all cultures.

    President and CEO, BoConcept

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    Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) has with great satisfaction used Mette as a speaker. The conference "Trend Spotting -How?" with more than a hundred participating business people was a success not the least because of Mette’s contribution. Visually it was a pleasure and her talk was carried out with a contagious energy, a large knowledge on the subject and a rich presentation. CIFS also enjoyed Mette’s experience in the planning process of the conference and it is without hesitation that we thank her and give our best recommendations to businesses and organisations worldwide.

    Communications Manager, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

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    TvPeople has been delighted to corporate with Mette. Mette was in charge of designing and styling old and loved cars on our TV production about car styling. It was a challenging task as Mette had to work closely with the 4 mechanics that had a very traditional view on car styling. Mette was so convincing in her designs and her negotiation skills that the mechanics, the design team and the production team worked together and the result was 6 fantastic cars,

    Chief Executive, TvPeople, Denmark