The use of homeopathy and supplements for vaccination

The course is designed for people who decide to, or are being forced to vaccinate, and would also like to take some holistic measures at the same time.聽

Everything is explained in the video and with easy-to-understand PDF guides.

30-minute consultation included - all details are emailed to you immediately after purchase.

Recommended supplements and remedies must be purchased separately. Complete order guide for homeopathic remedies is included.

The guide includes information about:

  • Supplements for basic good health
  • Supplements for basic health when vaccinating
  • Homeopathic detox before and after vaccination
  • Homeopathic remedies to be taken before and after vaccination
The online course includes a consultation for personal adjustments and additions to the protocol.

My best advise is to get this package, read through the membership website, and take notes of all your questions for the consultation. The combination of the membership site and the private consultations gives you all the base knowledge about the protocol, and we will fine tune it in consultation. (Remedies are not included, but you have many of the remedies in the kit.)

I always want to give as much value as possible, and this format makes it so much easier for me to keep my prices down while making homeopathy accessible for as many people as possible. I also find that working this way is an improvement, even compared to solely face-to-face consultations. There is a lot of information to take in about the protocol so you may prefer to read about the protocol on the couch at night or listen to the presentation in the car. The membership site gives you one place for all the information, including print outs and order links.聽

In the 30 min consultation, remedies relevant to the specific vaccination you received are prescribed along other remedies (special organ support/ constitution).

This guide is assembled from advice from many different holistic practitioners who all have specific insight and experience with vaccination. I have hand-picked the pieces of information shared because I find them essential and easy to understand. The idea with this guide is to prevent side effects, but I cannot guarantee that side effects won't occur.聽