The use of homeopathy and supplements for vaccination

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The course is designed for people who decide to or are being forced to vaccinate, and who would also like to take some holistic measures at the same time. 

This guide is assembled from advice from many different holistic practitioners who all have specific insight and experience with vaccination. I have hand-picked the pieces of information shared because I find them essential and easy to understand. The idea with this guide is to prevent side effects, but I cannot guarantee that side effects won't occur. 

Everything is explained in the video, and with easy-to-understand PDF guides.

Recommended supplements and remedies must be purchased separately. Complete order guide for homeopathic remedies is included.

The guide includes information about:

  • Supplements for basic good health
  • Supplements for basic health when vaccinating
  • Homeopathic detox before and after vaccination
  • Homeopathic remedies to be taken before and after vaccination

NOTE: This guide does not include information about how to detoxify if side effects are experienced after vaccination. Please contact a CEASE therapist if this is what you are looking for.

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