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Have you ever had a deep dark secret about your own very strange behaviour? You know, the stuff we are not so proud of, and would rather keep away from a public forum; your shadow as some may call it. Have you ever worked out where that came from and how it made it's way inside of you?

Get peace of mind about your holistic healthcare. Pay the same amount every month and get all of the homeopathic help you need!

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This is for you who is committed to the homeopathic treatment and would like to have access to all the homeopathic treatment and advice you need, without having to worry about mounting costs.

Not just a quick fix!

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Think of the Homeopathic Detox Protocols as taking antivenin. Never before have we been so poisoned as we are now. We are topped up constantly with hormones, medications, pollution, agricultural pesticides - you name it. It is unlike anything the human body has gone through before in the entire history of mankind. Wouldn't it be great if there was antivenin for that? What if there is?!

Lose weight - feel better

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The Vegan hCG Diet is based on the hCG regimen, also called the world's best diet - and rightly so!

If you've tried dieting before but still struggle with weight issues, this is the right diet for you. We know other diets have promised you this before.  This time it is actually true. The combination of the homeopathic hCG remedy and consuming 500 calories per day is the key to your metabolism accessing locked-in fat.

PDF Guides and 45 minute private *online consultation

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In this course you will receive a 25-page PDF guide explaining how to use homeopathy for childbirth. You get thorough instruction about when to use which remedy and for what issue. All the advice given is from a 18-remedy kit designed especially for childbirth. Be miles ahead in your journey of childbirth with the purchase of this kit and guide!

After reading the guide, ask your questions about it in the *private consultation, where we get to speak about your specific concerns.

*private consultation must be redeemed within 45 days of purchase, or otherwise arranged with Mette.

Natural Medicine for Your Family

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With the Prescribers Club and my system of teaching you will see that it can be easy to learn how to use natural and toxin free medicines yourself at home. With the club you have everything you need to get started and to keep developing and refining your skills with the holistic prescriptions. 

Easily stored on your phone

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Get 36 picture files (JPEG) with short descriptions of 36 homeopathic remedies. The pictures come in the best format for your smart phone.


Limited availability

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My personal blend that I use during the summer for allergic reactions and sun burns. It is a blend of herbal remedies and homeopathy mixed into a base of organic thick moisturizer.

Your shortcut to NO detox symptoms

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Enemas have been used for centuries to relieve constipation and improve overall health and well-being. They are described in medical writings as far back as ancient Egypt.

The perfect introduction to home prescriptions with homeopathy

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Learn to use homeopathy yourself at home with homeopath Mette Mitchell BSc (hons), LCHE who already has brought homeopathy to more than 1000 families. Get all the introductions needed for maximum benefit of the online and app tools.

You are only one click away from your first successful homeopathic prescription.

For homeopathic professionals and students

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You know of all the great potential of the sarcodes and you sometimes read about them in your materia medicas but you find it difficult to find a way to apply them in your own practice. Is that you? This three part material will soon make you a skilled prescriber of the sarcodes.