The Homeopath's Personal 50 Remedy Essential Kit

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Beautiful and practical 50 remedy kit.

Each remedy comes in a 2 gram bottle holding approx 35 doses each.

They are set in in a practical cardboard box and come with a brief description of each remedy including some dispensing information.

3 salts 200c. Aconite 200c. Apis 30c. Arg nit 30c. Arsenicum 30c. Narayani - mix 45 ‘Atomic radiation'. Belladonna 30c. Bryonia 30c. Calc carb 30c. Calendula 12X. Narayani - mix 6 ‘Calming’. Carbo veg 30c. Narayani - mix 7 ‘CB7’ (prolapse). Narayani - mix 71 ‘CCA’ (coughs). Chamomilla 30c. China 30c. Coffea 30c. Narayani - mix 16, ‘drawing’. Drosera 30c. Ferrum phos 200c. Gall stone combination. Gelsemium 200c. Haemorrhoids combination. Narayani - mix 85, throbbing headache. Hepar sulph 30c. Histamine 200c. Hypericum 30c. Ignatia 200c. Narayani - mix 20, ‘Injury mix’. Ipecac 30c. Kali carb 30c. Narayani - mix 21, ‘KBS’ (kidney, bladder, stones). KHP (kali bich. hydrastis, pulsatilla combination). Lachesis 30c. Leptin 6c. New Materia Medica: Lotus. Lycopodium 30c. Mag phos 30c. Mercurius 30c. Nux vomica 30c. Oscillococcinum 200c (anas barb). Passiflora 30c. Phosphorus 30c. Pulsatilla 200c. Saccarum off 200c. Sepia 30c. Silica 30c. Staphysagria 200c. Sulphur 30c. Narayani - mix 36, ‘Worms’.