New Materia Medica 1: Trans-Generational Healing


Have you ever had a deep dark secret about your own very strange behaviour? You know, the stuff we are not so proud of, and would rather keep away from a public forum; your shadow as some may call it. Have you ever worked out where that came from and how it made it's way inside of you?

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Trans generational disease patterns are explained in homeopathy through what we call the 'miasms'. What are the patterns of disease through the generations who came before us? We often see that some families have tendencies towards different categories of diseases like auto-immune disease, addictions, allergies, mental health issues, deformities and so on.

This is easy to understand because we understand the concept of genetics. However, what if I told you that trauma can be inherited too? Is it possible that your grandparents' or parents' trauma is actually the deepest root of our own dark secrets?聽

I believe that we are experiencing more ancestral trauma playing out through us now, because the times we are living in are particularly difficult and are therefore squeezing us. I also believe, that by shining light on our shadows, we can heal the preceding generations and give future generations better circumstances for a good life. Right now seems to be a perfect time to do this work!

The good news is that there is a wealth of homeopathy that can be utilized in this type of work.聽

The bad news it that this understanding doesn't offer a pain-free shortcut. To truly heal the root of the trauma we must confront the behaviour, accept the responsibility for the debris left behind as a result of the trauma, and we must forgive and let go.

In this online talk, we will discuss some of the exciting homeopathic remedies which can be used for this work including; syphilunum (secrets), thymus gland (trauma),聽ayahuasca (motherly lineage),聽buddleja (rebuild bombsite) and Berlin wall (depression).

You will get insight into how trans-generational trauma is addressed in the homeopathic consultation.

You will also get hands-on ideas on how to start this healing right away.