Ancestral Trauma support remedies

Remedies mentioned in online presentation on homeopathic healing of ancestral trauma

Remedies as described in the online class about Trans generational healing with homeopathy.

Oak 6x, 7gr bottle, sucrose pills: The perfect remedy to pull the energy down to the ground where it can root and grow from. Great when the energy is spinning at a draining speed and only meagre results.

Jet 10M, 2 gr bottle, sucrose pills: To lift sticky dark energy.

Chalice Well 3x, 7 gr bottle, sucrose pills: Gives聽confidence to find the truth and offers protection for the journey.聽After clearing out darkness, fill up with this.

Thymus gland 30c, 2 gr bottle, sucrose pills: Instructions on how to use these remedies are emailed聽immediately after purchasing this product.

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