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Not just a quick fix!

Think of the Homeopathic Detox Protocols as taking antivenin.聽Never before have we been so poisoned as we are now. We are topped up constantly with hormones, medications, pollution, agricultural聽pesticides - you name it. It is unlike anything the human body has gone through before in the entire history of mankind. Wouldn't it be great if there was antivenin for that? What if there is?!

Check out these Homeopathic Detox Protocols offered to you by homeopath Mette Mitchell BSc (hons), LCHE through the Homeopathic Detox Community where you get everything you would get in 1-1 sessions for detox聽and so much more.聽Follow this balanced system that consists of access to a membership website packed with information, the detox community and of course private consultations.

The protocols currently covered in the club are

Post-antibiotics detox
Post-hormonal contraception detox
Post-IVF medication detox
Post-medicated labor detox
Post-steroids use detox
Post-heavy metals exposure detox
Post-glyphosate exposure detox
Support Epstein Barr detox
Support candida detox
Support Aspartame detox
Support graphene oxide detox
Post-vaccine detox
Post-chemo therapy detox
Post-radiation exposure detox

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What is antivenin and why does it work?

What are the signs of toxic overload?
You may very well have symptoms of toxic overload without having made the connection. Take a look at the list below, there may be something that applies to you.

  • Digestive problems: Any need for detoxification is noticeable in the gut and shows as constipation, diarrhea and other digestive issues. The digestive system is the main detoxification system we have in our bodies. It is designed to do this and if we suffer from any toxic overload then we will feel the strain here.
  • Skin problems: This includes acne, boils, eczema, rashes, herpes, itching, dry skin, skin that is sensitive to minor things. Skin is a huge detox organ and the first places the body looks to detox through if the digestive system is not working properly.
  • Food intolerances:聽The digestive system gets upset from wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, specific groups food like night shade and other very specific intolerance's. Many people think that the solution is to avoid the foods that irritates the system and of course you should avoid any food that induce an allergic reaction. But what if you wouldn't have to have this allergy for the rest of your life, and you could do something about it?
  • Sensitivity to scents:聽Scents can affect you and give you headaches, dry throat or simply lowers your ability to concentrate. It is very common to be extra sensitive when we are toxic. Just think about how you feel when you have a headache and smells can become overwhelming. This is similar though chronic.
  • Frequent colds and viruses:聽When your body is overloaded and has a toxic bulk to deal with as well as new toxins being added every day, then your immune system is less available to deal with outside intruders such as viruses. However, it should also be noted that chronic colds actually can be chronic detox symptoms and not actually be a cold. We detox as much through lungs as we do through our skin.
  • Unexplained headaches:聽As soon as the body gets a chance to detox it will. So if you experience headaches from missing meals (fasting) or headaches as soon as you try to live more healthily, then this can simply be a sign that you have a bigger need to detox. Detox headaches are toxins that are released into the blood stream to get filtered out through the liver. If the liver is not ready to receive the load then it will keep circulating in blood until the liver can take it. So headaches are a big sign that you have a toxic load present in your body, just waiting to be released.
  • Lower back pain:聽This type of back ache could actually be kidney pain. The kidneys of course are a huge cleanser/ filter in the body and if they are overworked or otherwise strained then it can be experienced as lower back pain.
  • Joint pain:聽When the body can't detox properly or if the liver is already on maximum capacity, debris and toxins must be stored in other places and the joints are one of those places. This is why joint pain can be a sign that a detox is needed.
  • Fatigue and low energy:聽When the body is constantly running low and constantly running behind you it is hard to ever feel properly refreshed and energized. This can happen due to many causes including underlying viral infections, lack of nutrients and assimilation of these and of course toxic overload.
  • Inability to feel rested after sleep:聽When the body is lacking easy access to the right nutrients because the cells are clocked up with toxins and the general strain toxins puts on the body, the body has to work harder to get everything it needs. The body wants to rebuild and restore as much as it can while you are sleeping and no energy is needed for walking, talking and working. If the nutrients are not readily available for easy absorption from the digestive system the body gets creative and will get what it needs from other places, like your bones. Getting the nutrients in this way is adding more strain to body and may cause restless legs and other otherwise unexplained disturbances that interrupts your sleep or causes it to be superficial.聽
  • Compromised resistance to infections:聽When the body is not busy with urgent tasks it rebuilds and repairs and make you stronger and healthier. If your toxic load is excessive then this alone is taking up a huge part of the energy spent by your body and it wont be able to rebuild and repair, as a result you might feel under the weather and prone to pick up infections easily.
  • Inability to lose weight:聽When the body is overloaded with toxins and your energy is low you are also likely to get specific food cravings for carbohydrates for fast boosts of energy. Add to that that many toxins also gets stored in the fat cells as a protective measure until the body can see a way of getting rid of these toxins in a safe way. If the toxins can't get released in a safe way it is not too far fetched to say that your body will hold on to the fat until the toxins can be released safely.
  • Lack of concentration:聽Pain, fatigue and underlying digestive issues are making it impossible for you to live to your full potential and you wont be able to perform at your best. Your thoughts gets easily invaded by the discomfort and you will find it hard to concentrate on simple tasks like reading a book or even following conversation and get easily distracted by noise, smells, light and drafts.

Why is this detox so unique ?

Homeopathy = activate the body's own detox system
In homeopathy we always celebrate stuff coming out of the body. When we see that the body is producing new discharges then we understand that toxins that were inside the body before are now being moved out of the body and that the body is now regenerating and repairing itself. This is the opposite strategy of the allopathic, or mainstream medical treatment where the focus is to search out a way to STOP the body from discharging. In homeopathy we celebrate snot, stool and sweat like no other profession, because we think of it mostly as a good sign.

Homeopathy and vaccine injury
Homeopaths has become the 'go-to' practitioner for vaccine injury and for that reason we are very experienced in detoxing difficult substances including pharmaceutical products, candida and lyme. The interest in detoxing vaccines grew as more vaccines were enrolled into the childhood vaccinations programs all over the world. In my opinion and knowledge it is only homeopathy that can actually perform this task in depth because we can make a homeopathic remedy out of the vaccine, in the same way as you would make an anti-poison from snake venom to treat a poisonous snakebite. Let's remind ourselves that there is nothing in nature that is composed in the same way as a vaccine, or any pharmaceutical product for that matter. Yes, you can support the detox organs in numerous ways through herbs, essential oils, diet and so on. To hit the substance you want to detox right on its head, like when you use snake venom to treat a possible deadly snakebite, you need homeopathy. Full stop.

Homeopathic detox of pharmaceutical products: the beginning
The art of detoxing with homeopathy was applied in a system by聽Tinus Smits and is called聽CEASE Therapy. CEASE is an acronym for聽Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression and it was directly developed to treat child with onset of autism after vaccination.聽

The system became the basis for first trainings of homeopaths on how to use vaccines in homeopathic potencies for the patient group and today there is a lot of material available on this topic.聽

Can you imagine the vicious attacks on CEASE therapists?
No wonder that CEASE therapy has been aggressively attacked by mainstream medicine and the regulatory authorities. First of all as they always and aggressively attack homeopathy, secondly because we dare to hint that vaccines come with side effects and we go against the "they are safe and effective" mantra. CEASE therapy is basically being accused of being a system of treating symptoms that doesn't exist with a medicine that doesn't work.

As more homeopaths got access to the system the protocols have proven to be a revolutionary tool when wanting to detox patients from other medications and contamination's, and as a remedy for a much broader aspect of symptoms and by no means limited to autism. Today it is being used to treat ailments after IVF, medications given in child birth, use of antibiotics, hormonal contraception, exposure to round-up and so on.

There is no hope in hell that this brilliant skill will ever be approved by the regulators, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be made available to you and everyone.

I would like to point out right now that nothing in these protocols has any kind of approval from the CDC, Health Canada or any other national or international regulating body. Not that I think that in any way should turn you off, I frankly don't think that what the food and drugs regulators have to say about health and healing is a high enough standard to measure yourself up against. Just look at the huge range of side effects accepted in mainstream medicine, these are all unacceptable to me and to homeopaths.

Why you never heard about this before
Homeopathic detox protocols has been a task that has been performed mostly in secret and in particular since the title "CEASE therapist" unfairly became a target for internet trolls. Homeopaths are in general a nice bunch and don't like to stir up controversy, so this is something that is mostly spoken about behind closed doors.聽

More than 80% is the same protocol for everyone - and this is why this works!
When the protocol is being explained in the consultation room, then we are limited by time and I can only say so much in one consultation. By making these protocols available in an online form I am able to give you hours and hours of information that would cost you 1000's of $ to get thorough during consultations, and you would have to take notes!聽

The Homeopathic Detox Protocol gives you a wealth of information that you can access and return to whenever you want to and need to. We see you each in two consultation and if need be you can always book some extra time.聽

The Homeopathic Detox Protocol includes:

  1. Complete step-by-step guide
  2. Three private consultations with homeopath Mette Mitchell, BSc (hons), LCHE, RAHom
  3. Including all the homeopathic remedies needed for the protocol + the homeopathic remedies prescribed for you in our first consultation
  4. The most comprehensive advice on how to deal with detox symptoms聽
  5. My best advice on how to deal with the return of old symptoms while on the detox, based on years of experience from the homeopathic practice, remedies included
  6. Access to the special community online shop
  7. Lifetime access to the memberships site
  8. Closed online community forum for sharing good times and bad times and a place to share success stories
  9. Members of the Homeopathic Detox Club who have done their first detox and had their consultations, will be offered top-up packages for any of the the detox protocols advertised

Shipping is added and invoiced separately

What happens after I signed up?
As soon as you signed up聽you will receive an email with your log in information and get access to the community website where you get an overview of the protocol, what you need to do and what you might want to inform yourself a little more about. Of course you get the invitation to book your first consultation with homeopath Mette Mitchell and you should do so right away. Take a good look at the membership website and prepare your questions.

Mette about the Homeopathic Detox Community
Detoxing with homeopathy is not always an easy ride and there is going to be bad days that will vary depending of how deeply we have been affected by the substances we are detoxing. It is a journey but it is not possible to say how long it is going to take, as it varies from person to person. The shortest possible detox is 4 weeks, but it is more likely to be 6-8 weeks and it can take all the way up to 16 weeks to finish one detox. It is important to understand that this is not a race - it is about being thorough. The community around the detox protocols makes it obvious that there is no one way to do these protocols.聽 The combination of the online community, the complete online guides, the private consultations and the easy access to remedies makes this system so unique and better than solely 1-1 consultations - and of course it is saving you $100's if not $1000's.

I am proud of this community and I am so pleased that we even have these tools available to us in homeopathy. It is a pleasure to share this and it is my hope that this will benefit a lot of people and that this community will grow.

I hope to follow your detox journey too!

"A poison is any compound that enters the body but can't be utilized or transformed by the body into something useful and therefore only聽causing strain."

-the Homeopathic Detox Club

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