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See the example below.


BRYONIA - Wild hops
Dry cough. Influenza. Fever. Headache. Joint pain. Pain worse for movement.

  • The slightest movement aggravates symptoms
  • Dryness
  • Dry in mouth, dry lips and great thirst for cold water
  • Onset of symptoms comes slowly
  • Wants peace and to be alone
  • Stabbing pain

Inflamed and painful conditions that slowly build up and worsen immediately and strongly with the slightest movement. Dry mucous membranes. Extreme thirst. Jarring pain. This remedy is used for many ailments that come on slowly such as a cold or flu that develops over a few days. All symptoms are aggravated by every little movement and the patient would rather be alone, without disturbances for the same reason. The patient is very thirsty but rarely drinks. But when the patient drinks, she drinks a lot. The affected area is improved by adding hard pressure and if, for example, there are symptoms in the lungs, then the patient lies on the side that is affected to relieve the symptoms. When coughing, the patient holds the chest with a ‘self hug’, as if to prevent movement of the chest while coughing. Bryonia can be used in many ailments, ranging from breathing problems, to headaches, to joint pain. A dry cough that has a slow onset and develops into bronchitis or maybe even pneumonia. Can also be used for constipation, where the stool is dry and large. In these cases, as in all diseases where bryonia is indicated, the pain is experienced as sharp and jarring. The mouth is dry and the tongue is covered with a thick coating. The lips are dry and cracked. In acute respiratory problems, the patient may also have a fever where there is a lot of sweating and there is a great urge for fresh air. The patient is very irritable and wants to be alone. The dryness that characterises this remedy also applies to the mind, which revolves around responsibility and the need to return to work. Bryonia tends to be afraid of poverty and there are many concerns around money matters.

In short: Irritable, constipated and overall dryness. Jarring pain. Everything is aggravated by the slightest movement.
Other helpful hints: Often used where there are inflamed membranes; therefore, a good suggestion for both arthritis and bronchitis.

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