Beginners course: Learn the craft of succesful homeopathic home prescriptions

You have a couple of favourite homeopathic remedies. Maybe a dosen. You have seen remedies have great effect and you have also had some situations where you started doubting homeopathy.

When we start our journey as home prescribers we probably have a couple of remedies that we are almost in love with. Arnica is one of them. How great is that for kids bumps and bruises? Maybe your baby had a rattling cough and you learnt to love ant tart. Maybe bryonia took that headache. Or nux vomica helped a painful constipation?

"If we don't have a teacher, we only learn about the remedies when it's too late."

On this course your learn about your future favourites and you get to know about them before you need them! So you can be ready, both with the remedy and the information if the situations should occur.

This course takes you through the craft of homeopath and presents to you a great way to navigate the remedies as well as teaching many valuable nuggets from the homeopath's office.

This course is suitable if you no experience with homeopathy, if you have some experience with homeopathy and also if you prescribe at home routinely and would like to go a little deeper as well as having all you best information collected in one place.

You get all of these lectures

  • Homeopathy explained in simple terms
  • The vital force
  • Susceptibility
  • The homeopathic definition of health
  • Acute vs. chronic illness
  • Maintaining causes
  • Suppressed symptoms
  • Potensies
  • C.L.A.M.S. -successful acute prescriptions
  • Common mistakes
  • How to take a remedy
  • How does a homeopathic remedy work?
  • Homeopathic first-time aggravations vs allopathic side effects
  • Book list for further reading
  • Materia medica for 36 remedies
  • DOWNLOAD: 36 practical flashcards for smart phone
  • DOWNLOAD: 36 square flashcards, great for Instagram
  • Lecture on digestive problems
  • Lecture on ear infections
  • Lecture on emotions
  • Lecture on fever
  • Lecture on painful periods
  • Lecture on skin problems
  • Lecture on stings & bites
  • And there are more lectures to come (incl. influenza, sleep problems and headaches)

Everything is presented over more than 12 hours of recordings, many practical pdf-files and in depth presentations in each section.


Did you know the remedy lycopodium is for bloating? Or that carbo veg is homeopathic activated charcoal and that it works in the same way as activated charcoal? Or that bryonia is amazing to the excruciating pain from broken bones! imagine the relief of being able to administer bryonia in such a situation and see the face opposite you relax again.

You know how great homeopathy is. Imagine how much more powerful it will be after you learn the craft of homeopathy? I have made it my priority to teach home prescriptions.

My own journey with homeopathy pretty much started with Helios Basic 36 kit before I studied homeopathy. And I know how I had no clue what was in the majority of the bottles and I was just learning about them as I needed them. But I also felt a little bit scared when moving outside my favourite remedies.


This course teaches you the craft of homeopathy.

You get the shortcuts. It will become easier for you to find the right remedy. You get the easiest reference material for the 36 homeopathic remedies mostly prescribed at home. You get a system. And when you use this system your prescriptions will become so much more succesful. And the more you use the system the better you get!

There is a wisdom in homeopathy that requires us to flip almost everything we know upside down. It takes courage to do that. And we most likely only understand it in stages, slowly unpacking the homeopathic worldview. But the funny thing is that when we do that; so many things makes sense. The topic of homeopathy reaches so much further than learning about the remedies. On this course we plunge in.

With this course, you get introduced to many topics that relate to homeopathy.

I have a feeling it will be a mix of things you already know, things you may have heard a little bit about, things that takes you by surprise and hopefully enough to make you even more interested in homeopathy and you can continue beyond this course with suggested reading and the backbone of your new knowledge.

Everything is prerecorded so you watch, listen and read when it suits you. And you can watch everything again and again as many times as you like!

All the information is super easily accessible when logged into your phone too.

The kit referred to in this course is called 'Basic 36 kit', and it is NOT included in the price. The kit costs £46 + shipping. You will receive all information about ordering the kit (and other great kits) on this course.

Learn about homeopathy from homeopath Mette Mitchell, who has already introduced homeopathy to more than 1000 families.

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"Mette has opened up for everything I needed to know to be able to use homeopathy and to stand by our way of life: living a healthy, loving and organic life, always as natural as possible."

"Lively, exciting courses. I really like her dynamic way of teaching."

"An amazing eye opener. A new world opened up to me. I recommend this to everyone around me." 

"Mette is amazingly competent and an incredibly pleasant person who thoroughly explains about the remedies she recommends you. I have also been on “mini course in homeopathy” with her and also here she delivers a professional service that lives up to my expectations."

"Both my kids and I have received very competent treatments from Mette. I have also taken her useful and inspiring courses, which is extremely useful in my daily life. I can only give Mette my very best recommendations. Super homeopath and a nice person !!"

"Mette helped my 2-year-old daughter with her middle ear infections and fluid in her ears. In just one month, her ears were in super shape. A committed and skilled therapist who gets my warmest recommendations! Her courses are also really good!!"

"Mette is an amazingly skilled homeopath and I have been very happy to have attended her courses."

"A wise woman with an important message"

"I have been on several of Mette Mitchell’s courses, and I have also had several consultations with her.
My experiences have been really good, inspiring, and evolving. Homeopathy has opened many new doors for me, it has given me answers to things that the medical world has never managed, and it has taught me to treat myself and my loved ones in many different situations. Mette Mitchell is an incredibly talented therapist, she is thorough in her work and she has clearly become one of my biggest sources of inspiration."


"Mette is the coolest and warm-hearted soul. I went to her “mini course in homeopathy" with her well over two years ago and I can say that "I ain't never going back to" chemistry filled medicine prescriptions again! Thank you sweet Mette"


Can I join even if I don't have the kit?
Yes, you can. But you're definitely going to want the kit. But there are no problems in viewing the course, downloading and printing the material and starting to become familiar with it all, even if you don't have the kit. Yet!

Is it a LIVE event or can I watch the course at any time?
As soon as you have purchased the course, you get access to ALL the material. So it is not live, but it is ready to go for you! 

Is there an expiry date on access to the material?