Nine Star Ki: Understand all your relations

Nine Star Ki is a system of astrology that is very easy to understand yet profound in the insights offered. It gives us straightforward tools to understand ourselves and all of our relations. It shows us our strengths and weaknesses in a blunt and easy to understand way and at the same offers simple tools to build bridges in all our relationships.

In this material you get almost 5000 words of notes and more than one hour podcasts that carefully takes you through the material.

You learn about the energy, yin/yang, the 5 transformations and the 9 numbers. You learn how these energies interact with each other shining light on all your relationships and you get get some hands on suggestions to heal combinations of energies that are not beneficial.聽

This is an ancient shortcut to understand why some people are good for each other and why some people require a little more work to make a healthy relation.

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