About narcissism, gaslighting and homeopathic remedies

Narcissism and gaslighting has become hot topics of our time. We are waking up to these dynamics in relationships, families politics and work relations. But what does the words mean? And how do we even start to understand these topics?聽

This lecture gives you a no-fuss insight to these topics through straight up facts as well as the deeper insight homeopathic remedies give us.

In this lesson you get 3 lectures

  • The first lesson explains what is narcissism and what is gaslighting
  • The second lesson talks about remedies for narcissism
  • The third is about homeopathic remedies for healing after being a victim of gaslighting

You get 3 podcasts with almost 2 hours of recordings and 3 pdf files with more than 5000 words. Everything can be downloaded.


Please understand also that there are no homeopathic remedies that alone can fix a narcissist and there are no homeopathic remedies that alone can heal the damage caused by emotional abuse.

These lectures are merely meant to the shine light in dark corners and so hopefully induce or add to a longer healing process that includes psychological help also.

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