About stress

Are you aware what is going on in your body when you are stressed? Did you know that stress and fear has the same effect on the body?

We have all gone through times of stress. And this moment in time is completely soaked in it. We are stressed because of job insecurity, raising bills and interest rates going up. And at the same time we are being filled with fear through the all news channels and social media.聽

In this lesson we go into stress in a very detailed way.聽

  • We talk about stress as a culture
  • We talk about the the physical effects stress has on the body
  • We talk about how we can destress by decluttering
  • You get my best information about the homeopathic tissue salts and how to apply them.

Enjoy an hour and a half of podcasts and 4 downloadable pdf files (more than 6000 words) and the usual BONUS material.

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