Why sleep should be worshipped

Every hero need to rest! When we rest we restore. We recover, replenish and rebuild in our sleep. And this is why sleep is so essential for everything else.聽

In this lesson you get introduced to how to worship sleep and all my best remedies to help you on your way.

Sleep is completely essential to be able to restore, recover and grow. Lack of sleep not only prevents us from recovering from the daily wear and tear it actually means a slow process of grinding us down not only mentally but indeed also physically.聽

In this lesson you get real insight into the importance of sleep and what happens in your physical body when you get too little of it and you also get a hands-on guide that takes you through the most essential advice, supplements and homeopathic remedies to support sleep.聽

You can listen to the 45 minute lecture about the importance of sleep and freely download and share the 2 pdf documents covering everything from the lesson.

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