Essential Homeopathic Detox Kit

The body has many ways of detoxing. This is a bodily function that we watch carefully as homeopaths, it is also a bodily function that we highly admire. When we give the detox remedies we look out for a reaction, when one appears we know we are now moving towards a solution. 

When going trough detox it is not unusual at all that detox symptoms are the same symptoms we have experienced before. For example, if you have any skin issues then these may return or flare up as the body is detoxing or If you used to have sinus infections, you may see these return now, clearly described as detox symptoms. 

Use this package anytime when you going on a detox, it being homeopathic or another system, and apply as needed.

By purchasing this package you also gain access to the closed detox forum and website with a lot more information about detox and how to support it.

These remedies can be used in conjunction with any type of detox protocol to help along.

12 tissue salts
For general cellular support - large pills - See attached pdf for thorough information.
Take 2 pills, 3 times a day

7 gr pills - organ support
For coughs or any other detox symptoms on the lungs
Remedies in this combination remedy are: Ant Tart, Bronchi, Bryonia, Ipecac, Kali Bich, Mucus Membrane, Nat Sulph, Rumex, Sulphur, all in 30c potency.
Take up to 6 times a day until it eases, then reduce to 3 times a day for one month. Make sure you get rid of that cough for good.

7gr pills - organ support
For drainage anywhere in the body
Sometimes the body starts draining more that can get discharged. In particular, when drainage must happen though narrow passages and the mucus is thick, we can experience the so called bottleneck effect, where the pressure of everything that wants to get out is blocking the escape. This little remedy is so often used to solve this type of situation in the practice room and has proved its worth time and time again.

This combination remedy includes the remedies Kali Bich, Hydrastis and Pulsatilla in a 6c potency.

Take 3-6 times a day when drainage is needed and then cut down to once a day for another 5 days. 

Lympahtics mix
25 ml liquid - organ support. 
The glands are the perfect detox system, but can also get clogged up easily. If this happens, please do everything you can to get in some visits to an infra red sauna or consider getting your own. 

When the glands are affected they feel harder to touch and they can be sore. You may also previously have had many rounds of tonsillitis and the symptoms of that reappear while on the detox.

This is my own personal mix that I use over and over again in my practice.
This mix consists of: Baryta Carb, Belladonna, Kali Mur and Mercurius in 30c potency + Silica, Carbo Veg and Hydrastis in 6c potency.
Acute: Take every 15 minutes until symptoms reduce and then once daily for the following 5 days. Get in touch if symptoms don't balance themselves. 

Acne and boils 
25 ml liquid - organ support
The skin is one very large detox organ and is the one detox channel that opens up when the digestive system is overwhelmed. You are more likely to find symptoms here if you have in the past.

To help the skin, use the added support remedy which is made up by a mixture of Silica, Sulphur, and Carbo Veg in the 6x potency.

Take 3-6 times a day until symptoms clear. Repeat if necessary.

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