Online lecture about headaches and homeopathy

Pay what you can! (everyone gets the same)

Join me for this online lecture about headaches and homeopathy. I will give you my best ideas on how you can treat headaches naturally and the most effective homeopathic remedies.

Date and Time:
Thursday April the 8th from 8-9.30pm (MST)
On Zoom

This is relevant information for many people. We have all experienced headaches and know how great an impact they can have on our quality of life; including our ability to be the parents we want to be, to be a great partner, on our work, our friendships, our social relationships and our physical and mental health. After this lecture, you will have all of the information you need to take action for yourself or someone you care about.

This talk is a mixture of 'official homeopathic explanations,' my own professional observations and work methods, and experiences from the homeopathic praxis.

The event is suitable for homeopath collegues, students of homeopathy and those who simply find homeopathy interesting.  I hope to demonstrate how specific and complex homeopathy can be, and how easy and logical it is at the same time. 

A recording of the lecture will be available for 7 days afterwards for viewing. You will be able to ask questions during the live event. Immediately after registering you will receive a Zoom link to attend. You will receive one reminder the day before the event, and another 10 minutes before the event.

You can't build a space rocket after you have taken a course about building space rockets. In the same way, even if you feel confident prescribing remedies from the homeopathic kit, this lecture alone is not enough to prescribe remedies for every condition mentioned in the lecture. Even so, it is an opportunity for personal development and to hear about new remedies and discuss them.

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