The Vegan hCG Diet

Lose weight - feel better

What makes the Vegan HCG Diet so special?

The Vegan hCG diet differs significantly from all other low-calorie diets. hCG is the homeopathic remedy that makes it different, and no diet with such a low calorie content will work without it. 

Homeopathic hCG acts as a key to unlock the non-essential fat cells previously inaccessible to your metabolism, which is exactly why you will not feel like you are starving yourself on this diet. The fat (or calories) remain in circulation in your bloodstream and you are by no means starved. You may feel a little hungry  at times, but not in the uncomfortable way you might fear when you consider a low calorie diet.

Most people feel more energised, lighter, alert and completely comfortable on this diet. Your skin may become more radiant, your hair and nails may look and feel better. You will look healthier overall - and most importantly - you will lose all of that excess fat at record speed.

The original hCG diet has more than 60 years of history behind it.  The diet originally consisted of a lot of meat and showed a very limited understanding of the physical and emotional hurdles one might encounter during a fast. The Vegan HCG Diet, however, has completely changed ALL of that. In fact, we think we have developed the most delicious and healthy method for fast, effective and sustained weight loss. We are confident that in 29 days you will think so too. 

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What Makes This Diet So Different?

The Vegan hCG Diet is based on the hCG regimen, also called the world's best diet - and rightly so!

If you've tried dieting before but still struggle with weight issues, this is the right diet for you. We know other diets have promised you this before.  This time it is actually true. The combination of the homeopathic hCG remedy and consuming 500 calories per day is the key to your metabolism accessing locked-in fat.

Why is the Vegan hCG Diet so effective?
Homeopathic hCG helps your body access fat cells stored deeply within it. When you eat very little, the hormone hCG makes you use those fat deposits for nourishment, and that crucial combination is what makes this diet so effective.

Will I lose muscle mass?
Loss of muscle mass, a commonly mentioned negative side effect of dieting in general, will not happen on this diet. On the hCG diet, you will lose the dangerous fat first (namely the fat stored around your organs).  You will notice a quick drop on the scales and perhaps even more of a drop in your measurements. It is important to record both your starting weight and your starting measurements so that you can track the changes to your body as you meet your goals.

Will I put the weight back on after the diet ends?
The hCG remedy reboots the hypothalamus, so once you follow the phases correctly in the diet, you have told your brain there is no reason to store all of that fat and will cease to do so. We have experienced this ourselves and can attest to it. You could easily sneak a few pounds back on if you overeat and return to bad habits, but if you stay on track by eating healthy food, even without counting calories, you will keep the weight off.

Shouldn't I just learn to love myself as I am?
We all know that too much excess fat on the body is not healthy. Many people talk about learning to love ourselves as we are, enjoying our mirror image and being kind to each other.

We totally agree that we must love ourselves and that negative self talk and body shaming are harmful to us. However, we must also realize that by being overweight or obese we have an increased risk of cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, elevated LDL cholesterol, and inflammation in the body.

These are all pretty difficult diseases to deal with, and what can it mean to say that you love your body if you are not protecting it as much as you can from falling apart? The Vegan hCG Diet should be seen as a way of setting ourselves on the right path to recovery and health, it should never be seen as a punishment.

The Many Benefits of the Diet

Rapid weight loss
Women lose approx. 250 grams a day, men approx. 500 grams
Learn to eat in a healthy way
Have more energy
Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are lowered
Improved sleep quality
Less need for sleep
The risk of diabetes (1 and 2) decreases
Emotions do not dictate how you eat
Appetite is normalised
Improved hormone balance
Lowered blood sugar levels
Improved energy conversion
Increased vitality
Look fresher and healthier
Joint pain may go away
Symptoms of menopause may disappear or decrease markedly
Fewer menstrual problems
A healthy looking body
Improved self-esteem

The Vegan hCG Diet Is Right For You If...

  • You have tried everything without succes. You have been on every diet imaginable but still struggle with weight even if you eat a lot of vegetables and exercise regularly
  • You don't eat sugar and you are careful with carbohydrates. You get enough sleep and you are not overly stressed - yet you can't get rid of your stomach fat
  • You want to see fast results. You are going to love loosing 1-2 dress sizes after only 29 days. The more fat on the body, the faster it goes
  • You want to loose weight in a healthy and responsible way. You eat predominantly organic  food and maintain your health

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Dr. Simeon's hCG diet is world famous
In the 1950's English-born physician Dr. Simeons discovered that injections of hCG, combined with a strict low-calorie diet, led to a rapid and sustained fat loss in his clients. The rumour of this discovery spread like wildfire around the world, though you may wonder why you have not heard of this before (likely because the method is somewhat controversial in the mainstream medical community). Nevertheless, many doctors around the world recommend the use of real hCG for obese patients.

Now (60 years later) we have developed a modernised version of Simeon's original hCG regimen that takes into account the new knowledge available to us and our own experiences with the diet.

Why does the diet work?
The diet consists of a low-calorie approach to eating healthy foods (500 kcal daily) combined with a homeopathic remedy. The remedy is a homeopathic version of the hormone hCG. Homeopathic hCG takes away your hunger while you are on the diet, not by suppressing your appetite, but by making sure you have calories in your bloodstream from the release of stored fat. It also means that you do not lose muscle mass (as with a regular diet) and only lose fat instead. It can take up to 6-8 days for the hCG to become effective, but this time frame is accounted for and dealt with in the information provided to you. 

What is homeopathic hCG?
HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone formed in a woman's body when she becomes pregnant. It is the hormone that is measured when taking a pregnancy test. hCG is primarily present in a pregnant female body to ensure the survival of the baby. If a pregnant woman is exposed to hunger, the hormone causes the fat on her body to be released and used as nourishment for the baby. This natural feature is applied and used in the hCG regimen.

Why is the diet not more well known?
hCG is primarily used as part of fertility treatment and it is very unlikely that your doctor would prescribe it for weight loss. Also, real hCG is on the doping list in several countries so you should not expect your doctor to approve it. We use homeopathic hCG, not real hCG, so that is not an issue with this diet.

Human hCG vs. Homeopathic hCG
There is a big difference between true human hCG and homeopathic hCG.

The prescribed dose of real hCG is far less than the amount of hCG found in a pregnant woman naturally. For comparison, you use approx. 125 IU (International Units) daily when taken as an injection, whereas a pregnant woman will have up to 200,000 IU in her body when hCG is at its highest. Even though it is a smaller dose, it means that those who receive real hCG as an injection can actually have a positive pregnancy test result, without being pregnant.

When you take homeopathic hCG, you get a dose so small that it cannot be detected in the blood, and a pregnancy test will be negative.

We use only homeopathic hCG for this diet.

Meet the two experienced practitioners behind the Vegan hCG Diet
The diet is developed in this form by reflexologist and healer Isabell Maria Axil and homeopathy Mette Mitchell. The material is developed from their extensive studies, personal experience and experience with clients.

Meet Isabell in the LIVE q&a's and ask questions directly in our online forum.

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The Vegan HCG Diet is not for you if...

  • You have an untreated hypothyroidism. When you significantly decrease your calorie intake over an extended period of time your metabolism may drop temporarily. It does correct itself again, but if your metabolism was already low it may worsen.
  • You are sick.  You need to be healthy and fit to be able to fast. If you are sick, then you should prioritise getting well before going on a diet. Talk to your doctor before trying this diet if you are ill or recovering from a recent illness, or have an ongoing medical condition.

You have gall stones. If you have a history of gallstones it is wise cleanse your liver and bile ducts before using this diet. We suggest that you read the book "Love Your Liver" by Andreas Moritz. You only need to loose 2-3 kilos. You need to have a good amount of body fat. The fat that you burn off on the diet is also what keeps you full. Without enough fat on the body, it is too hard to settle for 500 kcal. You take a lot of medication. This diet has a deep cleansing effect on the body, and you may have very strong detox reactions if you have taken medication for an extended period.

Remember - your body and your health are your responsibility and your joy. We have not created this diet as a replacement for medical visits, medications or other medical treatment. When you follow the diet, you do so at your own risk. We take no medical or legal responsibility for complications arising from, or indirectly resulting from, the use of our advice or the suggested homeopathic remedies, supplements, or herbs. We recommend that you consult your doctor before initiating any major lifestyle changes.