The Vegan hCG Diet

The Vegan hCG Diet is right for you if...

  • You have tried everything without succes 
    You have been on every diet imaginable but still struggle

    with weight even if you eat a lot of vegetables and exercise.
  • You don't eat sugar and you are careful with carbohydrates
    You get enough sleep and you are not overly stressed
    - yet you can't get rid of your stomach fat
  • You want to see fast results
    You are going to love loosing 1-2 dress sizes after
    only 29 days. The more fat on the body, the faster it goes
  • You want to loose weight in a healthy and responsible way
    You eat predominantly organic  food and maintain your health

What makes the the Vegan HCG Diet so special?

The Vegan hCG diet differs significantly from all other low-calorie diets. hCG is the homeopathic remedy that makes it different, and no diet with such a low calorie content will work without it. 

Homeopathic hCG acts as a key to unlock the non-essential fat cells previously inaccessible to your metabolism, which is exactly why you will not feel like you are starving yourself on this diet. The fat (or calories) remain in circulation in your bloodstream and you are by no means starved. You may feel a little hungry  at times, but not in the uncomfortable way you might fear when you consider a low calorie diet.

Most people feel more energized, lighter, alert and completely comfortable on this diet. Your skin may become more radiant, your hair and nails may look and feel better. You will look healthier overall - and most importantly - you will lose all of that excess fat at record speed.

The original hCG cure has more than 60 years of history behind it.  The diet originally consisted of a lot of meat and showed a very limited understanding of the physical and emotional hurdles one might encounter during a fast. The Vegan HCG Diet, however, has completely changed ALL of that. In fact, we think we have developed the most delicious and healthy method for fast, effective and sustained weight loss. We are confident that in 29 days you will think so too.

Lots of Love,

Isabell Maria Axil & Mette Mitchell

The Vegan HCG Diet is not for you if...

  • You only need to loose 2-3 kilos
    You need to have a good amount of body fat. The fat that

    you burn off on the diet is also what keeps you full.
    Without enough fat on the body, it is too hard to settle
    for 500 kcal.
  • You take a lot of medication
    This diet has a deep cleansing effect on the body, and you
    may have very strong detox reactions if you have taken medication for an extended period.

  • You are sick 
    You need to be healthy and fit to be able to fast. If you are
    sick, then you should prioritize getting well before going
    on a diet. 

Talk to your doctor before trying this diet if you are ill or recovering from a recent illness, or have an ongoing medical condition.
  • You have gall stones 
    If you have a history of gallstones it is wise cleanse your liver and bile ducts before using this diet. We suggest that you read the book "Love Your Liver" by Andreas Moritz.

  • You have an untreated low metabolism
    When you significantly decrease your calorie intake over an extended period of time your metabolism may drop temporarily. It does correct itself again, but if your metabolism was already low it may worsen.