FREE online course: Use homeopathy safely at home

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FREE online course: Use homeopathy safely at home

Get homeopath Mette Mitchell's best advice about homeopathy to home prescribers for FREE

Tune in on Thursday the 29th of October at 7.30pm (Mountain time), and get the homeopathic gold nuggets that have the potential to change your life forever. If you can't be there a this time, don't worry. You will get a link sent after for the recording. 

In the course we go through:

  • a brief introduction to homeopathy
  • the most common mistakes when prescribing homeopathy at home
  • how to take a homeopathic remedy
  • my favourite 10 remedies for home prescriptions and when to use them
  • how to get started

There will be a q&a after the course, where as many questions as possible will be answered.

Straight after sign up, you receive a link to the download of the 36 homeopathic flashcards with beautiful water color paintings, made by my talented daughter, Miko. The cards are used in the class and will be your most important reference for homeopathic home prescriptions from now on!

It wont be long and you have made your first homeopathic prescription.

See you in class.

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